🌟 Big time 🎉

🌟 Big time 🎉

🎓 Welcome, English4All students! Today, we’re going to explore the meaning of the page title, «Big time.» This idiomatic expression is used to describe something or someone that is extremely important, influential, or successful.

Imagine you have a favorite singer, and they become very famous and start performing in large stadiums all around the world. You can say, «My favorite singer has made it big time!» This means that they have achieved great success and are now recognized on a global scale.

Another example could be when someone gets a promotion at work and starts earning a lot more money. You can say, «Congratulations! You’re moving up in the company and making it big time!» This means that they are achieving significant success and reaching higher levels in their career.

In our English4All Conversation Club, we meet every Friday to practice our English speaking skills with people from different parts of the world. It’s an opportunity to learn and improve our language abilities while enjoying conversations with others. 🌍🗣️

So, remember, «Big time» is an expression that describes tremendous success or achievement. It’s like reaching the top level and being recognized for your accomplishments. Keep practicing your English, and who knows, one day you might make it big time too! 🌟🎉



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