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Many parents have approached me with the questions: at what age should my child learn English? Should I teach him at home first? Isn’t their native language blocked if they learn English at a very young age?

According to the studies corresponding to age in relation to learning by Long and Scarcella, it was concluded that young children reach higher levels of long-term learning compared to adults, which means that children are faster learners than other people of Older.

Of course, the way children and adolescents are taught must be different; The methods used must be cognitive, intuitive, kinesthetic and 100% communicative, this is thanks to the cerebral elasticity that they possess.

With this in mind, ENGLISH4ALL offers dynamic, joyful and very affectionate classes so that your child feels completely confident to enjoy learning from it. Our classes are based on the development of the four English skills: LISTENING, SPEAKING, READING & WRITING. We are also the only academy that has an English and American platform and video chats as complementary and effective tools for learning English.

3 Responses

    1. Approached: enfocado
      Should: deber, deberia
      Concluded: concluir, acabar
      Kinesthetic: sinestesia, cinestesico
      Offers: ofertas
      Joyful: muy alegre
      Affectionate: cariñoso
      Development: avance, novedad
      Also: tambien

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